tired and hungry? let me feed you warm food.

how it works

much more than dhal offers fresh, home cooked vegetarian or vegan meals with an indian flavour, delivered to your doorstep. They can be used for lunches, dinners, or entertaining -you are welcome pass my food off as your own!

Every week, 3 different entrees are offered, consisting of 3 cups of food each (measurements made on raw ingredients), which for many people will leave you with leftovers from each meal. (depending of course on your appetite and how many people are eating!) I firmly believe that healthy eating is an essential part of physical and emotional well being, and each meal contains an even balance of grains, proteins and vegetables. All meals are vegetarian, but can be made vegan if requested. Most meals are also gluten free. See food decriptions for, well, descriptions of the food!

You can order one, two or three meals every week, with prices and delivery days varying accordingly. see les prix for various prices and discounts.

Meals are packaged in reusable containers which can be delivered to your doorstep or your office. If you are unable to be present to receive the delivery, just leave instructions for drop off.  When you are finished with the meals, just wash the containers and leave them in a bag to be picked up the following week (when your next set of meals is dropped off, if you ordered them). Please note that a fee will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged containers.

To place an order, simply email your name, phone number and address to morethandhal@gmail.com, and I will contact you to discuss order and delivery details, and answer any questions you might have. You can order one week of meals at a time, or place a standing order for  up to 4 weeks in advance.

Deliveries are made at arranged times and locations, each week in and around Montreal. If you have a standing order and need to make changes, please let me know as soon as possible, or before Friday at noon.

I will call you the Friday after your first delivery, to see how everything was and get any feedback you might have!

***small caterings (up to 10 people) also available!***


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