tired and hungry? let me feed you warm food.

à propos de moi

cooking eating and sharing delicious warm food is my passion.

I am a south Indian by origin, and am consistently inspired and surprised by the complexity of Indian flavours, while at the same time remaining incredibly simple. Aromatic rices, soft breads, savoury vegetables, lentils, stews, curries, sauces and chutneys- the possibilities are endless! I have learned so much from watching my grandmother, aunts and mother cooking in India and here in Canada, and I continue to learn, explore and experiment with new recipes. I really believe that what we put in our bodies has a deep impact on both our mental and physical health, and I think it is essential (and very possible!) to eat sustainable foods that nourish our bodies, minds and souls (and that also taste amazing).

people are busy, and tired and sometimes cooking can be a chore. I feel like if I can make this easier, and share my love of delicious, healthy food with others around me, this would be a good thing.

in addition, I like cats, swimming in the ocean and watching battlestar galactica.


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